Listen to a Story

Over the last few decades, the ancient art of the storyteller and epic singer – the art of oral narrative – has witnessed a revival in the West. In view of this resurgence of interest, this volume compiles essays and interviews exploring the stories, as well as traditional and contemporary storytellers.

The traditional art of narrative is lost, along with the traditional way of life and oral culture in general. Stories can only survive if they are recounted time and again by competent storytellers. Thus, the key for an in-depth approach of the art of narrative is the storyteller himself. It is to him, the storyteller as a traditional or contemporary narrator, that the essays in this book are dedicated.

Karaghiozis: Greek Shadows

Short-listed for the "Best Website for Educational Use", Ermis Award

An original interactive presentation of shadow theatre, exploring the fascinating journey of this art form in space and time – from East to West and from past to present. Combining texts, impressive photographic material and short video footage, the website pieces together a detailed picture of shadow theatre, placing emphasis on the creators and performances of the Greek Karaghiozis, from its first performances to the present. The rich material, which includes unpublished collections of figures, is greatly enhanced by modern, lively graphic design. The site constitutes a novel approach in the study of shadow theatre. Appealing to a general audience, it is particularly useful as educational material.


“Nu. 984: Crocus Simonidyi”

“A Study in Green”

“Μr. Silverstein”

Αsypalaia: “Peaceful”


Little Prince of the Dusty Planet

Short-listed State Award for the Children’s Books Illustration.

When Ellie became invisible

Short-listed for the Children’s Illustrated Book Award, Diavazo magazine

When Zorro Ate my Homework

Short-listed for the Children’s Illustrated Book Award, Diavazo magazine.

Plato’s Secret

Orestes and the Enchanted Pot