Karagiozis is the traditional and main comical character in Greek Shadow Theatre. Depicted as a hunchback, he is a representation of the Greek common folk and their social and political struggles during Post-Revolutionary Greece. Karagiozis lives in a shack with his family, across from the Ottoman palace. His character was usually a paper-made puppet handled by a puppeteer who stood behind an illuminated white screen and performed for an audience. Today, Karagiozis is mostly performed for adults and children alike in outdoor village squares, small theatres, and festivals. During the fall season, Thessaloniki boasts their famous outdoor Wall Festival, where live musical performances and traditional shadow theater can be enjoyed. We bring you some interesting facts about Greece’s legendary character, through the words of Karagiozis expert and author Dorina Papaliou. Sit back and enjoy the show!


Arts & Culture: Karagiozis